Monday, July 15, 2024
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Island Off Road Racing

Great event for all ages, this event was great to attend. We were there on Saturday for some of the time trials. Here are some videos and pics of the events. Everyone was having a great time watching the participants race around and across the tracks. Port Alberni is full of fun and exciting things to be apart of. See you next time!

Alberni Hospice, Ty Watson House butterfly release


Their “Butterfly Effect” family event really does make for a magical event. There were hundreds of participants that came out support this local event. There were hotdogs, hamburgers, water, a few vendors and lots of children and people alike. There was a live band playing music as the butterflies were released. Very well organized and well worth participating in. Thank you for the afternoon! Here are a couple pics and video of the event.

Port Alberni App

Promoting Port Alberni, Tofino, Ucluelet & Bamfield. Highlighting their People, Places & Things.

Check this the often for local deals and offerings. For more information or to advertise on the alberni .app, please send us a email to

Week 22

“Week 22 of 52”

*New food truck at the Clutesi Haven Marina this weekend and beyond! Homemade burgers, fries and poutines!

let us know your next public event or news and we can help spread the word!

*Free Draw, entry at participating local sponsors, keep a look out for our draw boxs! Free $50.00 prize, draw date June 30, 2024

Farmers market(s) – Saturday June 1st, 2024

Crafters Market – Sunday June 2nd, 2024

Cherry Creek Farmers Market

Saturdays 9:00am to 1:00pm

Located at the old “Cherry Creek School”

Local farmers, crafters. Meats, vegetables, handmade crafts and more.

6211 Cherry Creek Rd. Port Alberni, BC V9Y 8S9

Contact: Gwen – 250-723-8351

Spirit Square Farmers Market

Saturdays 9:00am to 12:00pm

Local Baked Goods, Honey, Meat, Veggies & more

Local Eats & Drinks

Informative & fun

Harbour Quay 5440 Argyle St. Port Alberni, BC V9Y 1T6

Sundays 11:00am to 4:00pm

Food, Candy, Crafts, Handmade, Glass & Pottery, Jewelry & more

Local Eats & Drinks

Informative & fun

Harbour Quay 5440 Argyle St. Port Alberni, BC V9Y 1T6

Contact: Gwen – 250-723-8351

Saturday & Sunday Markets in Port Alberni

Every Saturday and Sunday mornings, groups of local businesses, vendors, farmers and entertainers gather together creating the Local Farmers, Crafters & Makers markets. These events are held in many places in town. Harbour Quay Spirit Square, Old Cherry Creek school & many hall around Port Alberni. All venues are held in mostly open areas with covered portions to provide shelter from wind and rain. The season is just kicking off and every week there are new vendors and wares to be purchased and consumed. Everyone is friendly and will tell you about their “secret sauce” and specialties. Put this on your Saturday and Sunday to do list and support some local people doing local things. Hope to see you there!

Here are some quick pics of the events,

Ice Cream for your dog

Two double scoop waffle cones, one for me and one for the wife and a pup cup for my pup Ranger. Coombs Country Candy has been around the Alberni Valley for as long as I can remember as a chocolate and candy maker. As this business has evolved/expanded over the many years, one of their expertise has been their creation of ice creams. They produce amazing flavors, textures and colors that rival any other frozen supplier. Everyday they are making new batches of fresh ice creams, chocolates, popcorns, toffees and a tons of other confectionaries. You can see the workers in action as they prepare the treats, go for a hike to the Look Out, Log Train Trail or Hole in the Wall or just enjoy your ice cream outside on one of the many picnic tables. They have many other tasty treats, but I really love the ice cream. The staff is always friendly and busy and will provide excellent service. Remember to get your puppy a pup cup, they will love it. Thank you Coombs Country Candy for what you do!


RV Sites for long term rental, newest pads in town!

5390 Falls Rd, Port Alberni, BC

Price Per Month: $1000.00

Includes water, sewer hook up and area for your RV/home. Power to site, 50 & 30 amp available. Tenant to supply own Hydro. The owners are continuing to make this a great place to call home, they will be adding some greenery around the sites for future privacy as well as other beautification ideas in the works.

for appointment/rent, please call 778-421-5015

or email

Bathe Your Dog In Luxury

Right off the main highway at the top of Port Alberni is Bosley’s incredible dog bath. This business stands out not just for its comprehensive pet supplies but for a particularly delightful service: the dog bath. This cozy spot offers a self-service dog wash that transforms the often tedious task of bathing one’s pet into a bonding and enjoyable experience.

The setup is impressively user-friendly, catering to dogs of all sizes with adjustable tubs that save your back from the strain of bending over. The water temperature is always just right—warm enough to comfort your pooch without being overly hot. Bosley’s supplies everything you might need: from a variety of shampoos (catering to different skin types and coat conditions) to towels and even blow dryers for that finishing touch. It’s a detail-oriented service that speaks volumes of their understanding of pet care needs.

What makes Bosley’s dog bath service shine, apart from the practical setup, is the atmosphere. The staff at Bosley’s in Port Alberni are not only helpful but genuinely enthusiastic about pets. They offer tips for first-timers and are always ready with a treat to help soothe any nervous pups, making the experience as stress-free as possible for both pet and owner.

Affordability is another plus. With a price point that’s hard to beat, it’s an attractive option for those who prefer a DIY approach to grooming but lack the space or tools at home. The convenience of popping in after a muddy walk or as part of a regular grooming routine without the need for an appointment adds to its appeal.

In conclusion, Bosley’s dog bath service in Port Alberni is a gem for pet owners. It combines functionality with a warm, inviting environment, making it a go-to spot for those looking to pamper their pets without breaking the bank or compromising on quality. Ranger and I use this service regularly and love the fact that currently, every 5th dog bath is free. No more Ranger getting me getting soaked, falling down and making a mess of my bathroom walls. This service really makes owning a large breed dog more enjoyable and a fun experience.

Located in: Pacific Rim Shopping Centre

Address: 3555 Johnston Rd #203, Port Alberni, BC V9Y 8K2

Phone: (250) 736-1156

Bosely’s Port Alberni Location

Rick Denis Automotive Repair

Rick Denis Automotive in Port Alberni stands out as a great place to have your car, truck or suv serviced and repaired. Located on 3308 Kingsway Avenue, this auto repair shop has carved a niche for itself through an unwavering commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. From the moment you enter their premises, the friendly atmosphere and professional demeanor from the owner Rick and his staff signal that you and your vehicle are in capable hands.

What sets Rick Denis Automotive apart is not just the range of services offered, from routine maintenance to more complex repair jobs, but the depth of their expertise. These mechanics are not just technicians; they’re automotive enthusiasts with a passion for getting the job done right. They have the tools and knowledge to diagnose your vehicles problems and can provide solutions that fit the customers needs and wants. This passion is evident in the meticulous care they accord to each vehicle, ensuring that every car leaves the shop in better condition than it arrived.

Honesty and transparency of pricing and services, in an industry often marred by trust issues, Rick Denis Automotive stands as a paragon of integrity. They provide detailed explanations of necessary repairs, often with educational insights into the how’s and whys of automotive health, making clients feel more like partners in the care of their vehicles.

Moreover, their commitment to serving the Port Alberni community goes beyond just car repair. Rick Denis Automotive have over 47 years of experience providing friendly customer service and repair to many of locals and people passing through the Valley.

In conclusion, Rick Denis Automotive in Port Alberni is more than just a repair shop; it’s a community pillar that upholds values of integrity, expertise, and customer care. For residents and visitors alike, it’s the go-to place for reliable automotive services. Many of my family members, friends and current household have enjoyed the services from Rick and his crew. Give them a call and they will do the rest, Rick Denis Automotive – 250-720-0011 .

Haven for Nature Enthusiasts

Exploring Port Alberni: A Haven for Nature Enthusiasts

Posititioned right in the heart of Vancouver Island, Port Alberni is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered and explored. Our charming city offers a myriad of activities and sights that cater to all tastes, from outdoor adventurers to history buffs. Here are three things to see and do in Port Alberni:

1. The Alberni Valley Museum: For history enthusiasts, a visit to the Alberni Valley Museum is a must. This museum beautifully captures the rich heritage of the region, from its Indigenous roots to its logging industry heyday. Exhibits showcase artifacts, photographs, and interactive displays that chronicle the city’s past. Visitors can delve into the lives of early settlers, learn about the impact of logging on the community, and gain insights into the cultural diversity that has shaped Port Alberni. With engaging exhibits suitable for all ages, the museum offers a fascinating journey through time.

2. Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park: Nature lovers will find solace and awe in the towering ancient trees of Cathedral Grove, located in nearby MacMillan Provincial Park. Just a short drive from Port Alberni, this enchanting forest is home to some of the oldest and largest trees in Canada, including Douglas firs and Western red cedars that have stood for centuries. Walking among these majestic giants evokes a sense of reverence and wonder, providing a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Trails wind through the lush greenery, offering opportunities for leisurely strolls or invigorating hikes. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or simply seeking tranquility in nature, Cathedral Grove is a must-visit destination.

3. Sproat Lake Provincial Park: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Vancouver Island’s landscapes at Sproat Lake Provincial Park. This picturesque park, located just outside Port Alberni, boasts crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches, and lush forests, making it an ideal spot for outdoor recreation. Visitors can enjoy swimming, kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding in the pristine lake waters, or simply relax on the sandy shores and soak up the sun. Hiking trails meander through the surrounding wilderness, offering panoramic views of the lake and opportunities to spot local wildlife. With its tranquil ambiance and abundance of recreational activities, Sproat Lake Provincial Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts year-round.

In conclusion, Port Alberni offers a diverse range of attractions that cater to a variety of interests. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or simply seeking outdoor adventure, this charming city has something for everyone. From exploring the city’s rich heritage at the Alberni Valley Museum to immersing yourself in the natural wonders of Cathedral Grove and Sproat Lake Provincial Park, a visit to Port Alberni promises unforgettable experiences amidst stunning landscapes.