Monday, July 15, 2024

Ice Cream for your dog


Two double scoop waffle cones, one for me and one for the wife and a pup cup for my pup Ranger. Coombs Country Candy has been around the Alberni Valley for as long as I can remember as a chocolate and candy maker. As this business has evolved/expanded over the many years, one of their expertise has been their creation of ice creams. They produce amazing flavors, textures and colors that rival any other frozen supplier. Everyday they are making new batches of fresh ice creams, chocolates, popcorns, toffees and a tons of other confectionaries. You can see the workers in action as they prepare the treats, go for a hike to the Look Out, Log Train Trail or Hole in the Wall or just enjoy your ice cream outside on one of the many picnic tables. They have many other tasty treats, but I really love the ice cream. The staff is always friendly and busy and will provide excellent service. Remember to get your puppy a pup cup, they will love it. Thank you Coombs Country Candy for what you do!


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